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Have you ever seen prison christmas photos? This is the truest form of hickalicious. You take a prostitute or one of the inmate's wives/girlfriend and dress them up in a horribly slutty raggedy Mrs. Claus outfit that show huge amounts of cleavage and ass hanging out and take a family photo with the old man and his lady. Somewhere along the lines, there has to be front butt. Either from the ladies or the men.

Then everyone gathers around the cardboard cut out of a fire place, with no straight row of teeth and no man not resembling a cave man.
Proudly sporting his orange colors with the cell numbers on the sleeve, Ray was intoxicated from the hooch he left out for three extras months for this special occasion. His eyes gleamed with delight as his one arm wrapped around his lady and his other held Mrs. Claus's dirty underwear. That was his present that year, dirty underwear, just like back home! Except, these were from his wife, not a hooker.

Now that is a hickalicious holiday!
by tsunbot August 31, 2011
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