Being scared of straight people because they might be mean and make fun of you for being gay

This is cuz in hegemonic Western cultures straight people are like so awesome and Kings and Queens of images in media and all things everywhere.

And when gay people go to university they learn all this cool/weird shit about like gender and sex and sexuality and they feel really liberated. But then they have to like still sometimes meet ignorant straight people (not all straight people are ignorant), but because no guarantee can be made that straight/redneck/poor/uneducated will accept or reject them, they develop a general weariness about straight people called "heterophobia"
Omg I don't want to go outside today because there will be all these straighties out there like holding hands and pashing and having male female pairings. Omg theyre so scary and weird, why can't they just masturbate to gay porn like normal people

Ugh my family is so full of straight people. I just hope they don't look at me or ask me questions. Omg I have a serious case of heterophobia now. Talking to straight people is just weird. I feel like they dont understand me.
by sadgaylife88 March 13, 2013
Top Definition
1) The often irrational fear of heterosexuals. Usually experienced by a homosexual or bisexual who was had bad experiences with heterosexual coupling.

2) Also used as a joke. A way for a homosexual/bisexual person to tease straight friends when they're making out.
1) Jenna, the notorious lesbian, avoided most people due to a deep and cutting case of heterophobia, which she blamed on being rpaed by her stepfather when she was young.

2) Gay person: Eww! Hetero love!
Straight person: ...heterophobe...
by Pixie Stix October 09, 2006
Gays who are afraid of heterosexuals usually due to their own inner heterosexual feelings or leanings.
Don't be afraid gay you're probably just straight.
by xjx December 10, 2003
It is or it means male or female sharing any other sexual like, than heterosexuals who have a persistent, abnormal, and irrational fear of heterosexual activities that compels one to avoid it, despite a heterosexual folk desire. Heterophobia is an unreasoning disgust or intense aversion of heterosexuals, frequently supported by erroneous, and faulty statements about heterosexuals.
1. Aversion to heterosexual people or their lifestyle or culture.
2. Is a behavior or an act based on this aversion.
3. Is a strong dislike or aversion to heterosexual people.
4. Is an irrational fear of, aversion to, antipathy towards heterosexuals.
5. Is people who endulge in bigotry or intolerance because of the heterophobia sickness.
heterophobia: heterosexuals are promoted by the media, flaunt their sexuality, heterosexuals are pervert those are unrealistic thoughts of heterophobia

by Pam V. Uriarte September 06, 2007
queer frustration and hatred towards straight oppression. often mistakenly perceived to be equivalent to homophobia, or other forms of discrimination.
Guy 1: "I don't know, I think heterophobia is just as bad as homophobia."
Guy 2: "I know. It's like people completely forget about all the poor straight people evicted from their homes, excluded from the army, denied rights, murdered, assaulted, shunned from their family, etc. for being straight."
by hhmc March 18, 2013
To hate heterosexuals out of some bizarre,unrational or innate fear of them.Probably due to your own repressed heterosexual feelings.
Up with Heterosexual pride!
by ('_') don't be a hater July 26, 2004
Unreasoning prejudice against heterosexuals or their sexuality, the LGBT equivalent of reverse racism, and the inverse of homophobia. Commonly manifested as a disgust with the very idea of straight sexuality and/or reproduction, it copies the prejudices of homophobia, including the idea that straightness is unnatural, or unhealthy, or can somehow be "cured." Frequently paired with prejudice towards the opposite sex, this is surprisingly common in the LGBT community, but is often not addressed, due to concerns political correctness.

At the same time, it has also been used a propaganda slur by homophobes, who level the charge at any gay or lesbian who stands up for their rights. As such, it is a highly contentious term.
Being gay is one thing, but saying that women can't please men?! That's just heterophobia!
by The Urban Husky October 16, 2011
n. HETERO(sexual) + PHOBIA]
1 irrational hatred or fear of heterosexuals 2 to make distinctions in treatment; show partiality or prejudice against traditional heterosexual standards adj.- heterophobic (-fo'bik)
That homosexual militant has a case of heterophobia
by waldons July 13, 2012
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