fear of heterosexuals
I have a problem being friends with straight people due to my innate heterophobia! homophobia
by Carminooch May 09, 2012
The fear of heterosexual people. Usually intense making someone hide their sexuality.
James heterophobia formed after he heard a group of straight men killed a gay guy.
by Drek08 February 21, 2015
Someone who is repulsed & feels threatened by by intimacy between non same sex peoples.
An asexual person has heterophobia & semihomophobia; being perfectly fine with gays of the opposite gender who pose no personal threat of amorous ambitions, but disgusted by straight persons of the opposite gender & gay persons of the same gender.

The aversion to persons of the opposite gender stem from a misandric or misogynistic upbringing. The distaste for sexual persons of the same gender are resentment from an inability to sympathise with a person who would intimately fraternize with the person of the opposite gender. The disgust in the gay persons of the same gender come from the threat of being flirted with & because straight members of the opposite gender seem to have a fetish for gay members of the opposite sex.

(Yes, straight women DO fantasize about gay men, It's called yaoi).
by Spritle101 July 06, 2011
Being scared of straight people because they might be mean and make fun of you for being gay

This is cuz in hegemonic Western cultures straight people are like so awesome and Kings and Queens of images in media and all things everywhere.

And when gay people go to university they learn all this cool/weird shit about like gender and sex and sexuality and they feel really liberated. But then they have to like still sometimes meet ignorant straight people (not all straight people are ignorant), but because no guarantee can be made that straight/redneck/poor/uneducated will accept or reject them, they develop a general weariness about straight people called "heterophobia"
Omg I don't want to go outside today because there will be all these straighties out there like holding hands and pashing and having male female pairings. Omg theyre so scary and weird, why can't they just masturbate to gay porn like normal people

Ugh my family is so full of straight people. I just hope they don't look at me or ask me questions. Omg I have a serious case of heterophobia now. Talking to straight people is just weird. I feel like they dont understand me.
by sadgaylife88 March 13, 2013
A fear of heterosexuals.
The gay man is scared to act straight because he doesn't want anyone to think that he's straight. He needs to get over his heterophobia. It's ok if he's gay.
by quitbeingGAYdood April 02, 2010
Heterophobia is what many extremist gays and closet gay activists are (closet gay activists being the "straight" people who speak about LGBT rights but are gay themselves and who are too insecure to come out of the closet). Heterophobia manifests due to poor experiences with straight people or when the extremist gay or closet gay activist is an idiot and judges a whole group based on one person. Contrary to another definition here, heterophobia exists when the gay/bi person discriminates against the straight person. This can range from anything from being denied a job, help or just dehumanized.
Heterophobia manifests itself in many gay extremists, closet gay activists and many atheists.
by Skialian December 12, 2013
Stemming from a fear of emotional and/or physical safety, Heterophobia is the sometimes irrational fear of straight people by some gay people brought about by many years of oppression, verbal and physical abuse from the majority onto the minority.
"Jon's heterophobia manifested itself as fear for his physical safety when he would go to places he knew to be predominantly full of straight people he wouldn't know."
by gayinchitown72 June 24, 2006

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