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used by a hetero-sexual male to describe something that he thinks is awesome.
dude1- dude that movie had so many explosions in it!

dude2- oh dude I know it was friekin' uber hetero.
by vesper21 January 08, 2010
Used as a reply to someone who uses gay as an insult and believes they are cool for doing so.
A: That's so gay!
B: You're so freaking hetero. Gosh!
by Liz March 09, 2005
male who loves the pussy.
abreviation of the word heterosexual.
My mo friend hit on that hetero over there.
by J-Dizzle August 19, 2003
someone who does stereotypical hetero-normatives/gender norms. things that heterosexual people have grown accustom to. (also, heterosexuals who are unaware of LGBTQ culture)
girl: i love my boyfriend! i want to cook, clean, and feed him. he's the love of my life! i would never turn lesbian, i love penis tooo much.
gay friend: you're so hetero.

guy: i'm afraid of commitment, i'm not ready to move in with my girlfriend of 6 years.
gay friend: you're so hetero.
by deemfong.h February 15, 2012
The disgusting act of inserting a penis into a vagina.
man i just had some great hetero sex.
That's so hetero.
by atensinferno April 11, 2009
something/someone to be avoided, chastised, criticized, and/or mocked.
tv is so hetero these days, it's completely worthless.
by thatkid March 29, 2005
Basically the same thing as No Homo, but shorter and easier to say.
Man 1: Dude, did you see his ass?
Man 2: You're so gay!
Man 1: Hetero.
by Kevin From Conn July 06, 2009