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used by men who like to work out; pussons are subatomic particles that attempt to bind with every atom in the body. the only way to prevent the spread of pussons is by working out intensely. failure to stop the pussons will result in total pussification of even the most manly man.
dude1- man i have gotten so much weaker since the last time i worked out!

dude2- when was the last time?

dude1- about three weeks ago.

dude2- oh man you let your pusson count get to high, you must destroy the pussons by destroying yourself in the gym.
by vesper21 January 09, 2010
used by a hetero-sexual male to describe something that he thinks is awesome.
dude1- dude that movie had so many explosions in it!

dude2- oh dude I know it was friekin' uber hetero.
by vesper21 January 08, 2010
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