A girl who goes down very, very easily.
That slag was such a heskey.
#heskey #slag #down #falls #liverpool
by easysleasy October 02, 2007
Top Definition
Undoubtabaly the best player in the world, he is exetremely fast, he can shoot, he can head the ball, and if you dont agree with this HE WILL RAPE YOU! He can even score sweaty goals.
Heskey shoots and scores, he celebrates by raping the keeper. He is easily the best player in the world.
#rape #goals #football #best #player
by Heskey is the best April 09, 2012
6 foot 3 and 15 stone of muscle, England international and Liverpool striker, yet can't win a header and always falls over when shortarse full-backs go near him.
"Heskey's lost the header to a 5 foot defender and has fallen over!"
by Chief December 09, 2003
Another term for useless piece of shite.
'Your fucking shit heskey'
by Joe Hughes June 18, 2004
6ft tall twat
wank stain, knob jockey, herpeys munchin twat. blue nose scum. piece of black pudding that cost £6m
silly northern twat
"oooh aye"
by al3c March 26, 2003
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