When a woman is so mannish you have to wonder if there is a penis or testicles somewhere.
When you are truly stumped at guessing someone's gender.
I went into the locker room and saw a hermaphrodyke and I was afraid to look.
by MadamexXx March 03, 2009
Top Definition
A person with both male and female genitalia that only has sex with other people of dual sex organ persuasion.
Williamina: Wow that dude-sister is so damn gender ambiguous, I would totally let it touch all my types of junk with all of its types of junk!

Blake: I am vaguely disgusted but understand that you are a hermaphrodyke.
by Paddo83 August 14, 2011
a Hermaphrodite who sexually prefers women.
Ew, Christine said Maddie is a Hermaphrodyke.
by UnderscoremyTilde April 20, 2009
A woman with a penis,simular to hermaphrodite. XD
Dude 1:That hot chick is hermaphrodyke!
Dude 2:Dude I know!I tried to fuck her and a penis pulled out but she had boobs!!!
Dude 1:I know!!!And I heard she is bisexual.
Dude 2:She used to have a vagina.
Dude 1:I know.
Dude 2:Psh.What a hermaphrodyke.
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