Top Definition
a noun, adjective and verb. it's anything, really.
my hergshakes bring all the hergs to the herg
and they're like its herger than hergs
herg right its herger than hergs
i can herg you but i have to herg
by natcatkitty January 17, 2012
Someone who is stupid and a wanna be. They copy everyone thinking that they are cool.
Shut up you herg, you wish you were me.
by Natnat123 May 16, 2011
acting unorthodox or different than society's popular attitude. ie. Not acting cool.
Synonyms: Wack, Beat, Retarded, Gay
Your teacher assigned homework on the last day of school, he's so herg.

Look at him trying to pick up that girl by asking her where the gym is, that's so herg.
by Brian Bene May 04, 2005

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