When a cat surprise rapes a man
Helloooo! Kitty!?

I loved cats, until I got Hello Kitty
by kananakook May 29, 2009
A Female flashing/ showing her genitalia. Kitty is meant to represent the slang term for vagina, "pussy".
Sadie was wearing a skirt and forgot to wear underwear. When she sat down, she also forgot to cross her legs.

David: "Hello Kitty!!!"
by Oswald Jenkinheimer June 14, 2009

A mascot for desperate attention-seeking tards usually found on purses, necklaces, underwear and myspace pages

1. "I am a mindless idiot, and I am over the age of 5, and I love Hello Kitty. Please give me attention."

2. "OMG Hello Kitty is sooo cute, and I guess so am I"

3. If you enjoy hello kitty, and think it makes you cute, you are a reject
by pooo cockie December 09, 2008
You'd wish all women were as cute as she is...and no mouth.
Hello, sweety!
Won't you be my kitty?

Keep your nagging off me!
by kitty fan February 05, 2005
The National Symbol Of japan.
Symbol of satanic groups...
Evil idol, bent on world conquest...
"Its eyes, empty like a doll's eyes"
by Maku April 02, 2005
A sexual term used to describe when a women receives oral sex at the beginning of the night before they proceed to more erotic activities.
I gave Jessica a "hello kitty" when I first arrived at her house in order to start the night.
by amatteroftime November 19, 2006
Actually, Hello Kitty is a clever guise.

It's true name being Hell Kitty.

It was sent by Hell to take over the world.
If you look carefully, you'll see the horns (those aren't just cute ears) and the demonic tail.
Did you hear? Hell- I mean Hello- Kitty just decapitated some kid......
by dontxkillxme June 17, 2005

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