The penalty or consequence of making acts against God in habitually type ways which results in the lake of fire described in the Bible as a "weeping and moaning and gnashing of teeth ". Hell is known ass the dwelling place of damned souls who burn in the "lake of fire" for all eternity. Hell is described in many religions like Christianity, Islam, and Judaism etc.
"And i saw the damned souls of people burn in Hell forever ".
by XxDoritos=LoominartyxX April 02, 2015
Where everyone that goes on the internet for over six hours goes after they die.
Priest: What's your opinion on Heaven, son?
Some teenager: Some place I'll never go to.
Priest: Why is that?
Some teenager: Because I'm reading this example from urban dictionary on the internet.
Priest: Good point. Go to Hell.
by NoNamesNeeded March 19, 2015
1. A place where evil reigns. 2. A place where deception is king. 3. A place where everything goes wrong. 4.Philadelphia.
Philadelphia is Hell on earth.
by JoeNJ2 November 07, 2013
A "heaven" for those who don't appreciate the will of god or the inappropiate manner in which it has been stowed upon the human race.
Dude you are going to hell for that

Not really a threat when the guy running the place shares similar views on the subject
by ass stamper April 09, 2013
The English language's universal comparison for everything.
Hot as hell, cold as hell, boring as hell, corny as hell, scary as hell, red as hell, chocolaty as hell.
by StuffBlowingUp October 17, 2010
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