A term useable interchangeably with Capitalism.
Guy 1: Ah... America. Nothing at all like I pictured it. Hell, here I come!
by T0mServ0 February 02, 2012
the only place that dosn't discriminate.
Satan: I don't care if they're white, asian, black, mexican, indian, old, young, rich, poor, tall, or short! bring 'em on in!! They shall all burn in hell.
by alice cats September 24, 2011
Where everyone that goes on the internet for over six hours goes after they die.
Priest: What's your opinion on Heaven, son?
Some teenager: Some place I'll never go to.
Priest: Why is that?
Some teenager: Because I'm reading this example from urban dictionary on the internet.
Priest: Good point. Go to Hell.
by NoNamesNeeded March 19, 2015
Tactic used to scare people into religion.
I have to go to church today so I don't go to hell.
by Me3764 February 23, 2014
Math class. 'Nuff said.
God strike me down! I've got Hell next period!
by The All Knowing Idiot July 30, 2011
Heaven everlasting life living
Don't get caught up with your past (put aside shadowed times). Have a hell (heaven everlasting life living) of a finish!
by Denebt June 16, 2011
Where i'm not supposed to be but, face it, i am..
A: I've been waiting here for hours, WHERE ARE YOU??
B: Hell..
A: Didn't i tell you to get out??
B: I couldn't.. The Devil's here..
by g1b4uknw June 27, 2010

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