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An Irish surname, represented by the boar on the coat of arms.
I hear his last name is Crowley- he must be Irish.
by skittlessss April 13, 2008
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At first glance, Crowley identifies an unknown persons characteristics as being a totally rad person.
"That guy looks like a crowley mother fkr, lets hire him"
by Doil1416 April 03, 2009
small irritating being from the planet of zog.
sits near windows scratchin
by mannin March 13, 2003
When You're Full Of Crunchiness .
-Crunchy Bitch Passes By-

Boy: Uhhh ! Did Yu See That Crowley Girl Pass By !?
by Dimplesz143 January 10, 2011
v,n. to shit, puke, fuck up, or do anything that is frowned upon; an insulting name
wanna light some shit on fire tonite?
nah guy i'm gonna go crowley on rachel's chest

after 47 beers, Fitzy couldn't help but to crowley in MacPherson's sock drawer.

Leroy's dog crowlied on the sidewalk and some homeless turd burglar ate it. What an asshole.

don't be such a fuckin crowley
by Claude St. Balls November 19, 2010
A male who is innept at social discourse
One who treats others with disrespect
A man worthy of censure
Man I hate that guy, he's such a Crowley.

My boyfriend is being a totaly Crowley to me today.

I thought he was a cool guy but he turned all Crowley once I got to know him.
by ruby_slippers May 26, 2008
A person who acts and says they are ripped out of their mind and brags about how much muscle and drugs they have in their altoid can, when really they are weak and their altoid cans only have altoids in them.
"Guess whats in my altoids can?"
"Shut up Crowley"
by Da Kid Boi Killa July 24, 2006
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