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a place under the earth that is seperated into 2 parts 1 side is for the party goes who"acdendtley" killed sum 1 their is a party every nite on that side the other side is 4 the murder who killed some one on perpose and the olny judjment is if it was a acdent and we all know who the devil will part with
cuming 2 the party tonight raul?
yea,my mom told me i had to go to hell
by black billy April 27, 2010
Any place where the number of eligible males exceeds the number of eligible females.
EXAMPLE: I went out last night and the place was full of guys. It was hell.
by Hobgoblin88 April 02, 2009
how to describe something really shit for example.

holly: that josh peacock is fuckin hell
tom: yeh i no
by Moz99 March 09, 2009
Being stuck in an unspoken agreement upon a roommate you don't want.
Let's go back to the Bouv. I'm tired.

No, I don't want to be stuck in hell.
by SomethingYoudRemember March 24, 2009
A place of eternal damnation where small imp-like creatures slowly feed upon your body as it is stretched and ripped apart upon a field of rotting flesh and black, coagulated blood. An extremely dark place where there is no mercy. No salvation. No hope. Only pain, fear, and despair. Eternal torment.

A pitch black place where extreme heat and extreme cold can coexist simultaneously. Where every muscle, bone, and organ is savagely and painstakingly ripped from your helpless body.

A place many, many times worse than what is described above is known as Hell.
Hell is simply incomprehensible to people like us.
by (Jared Rogers) August 08, 2007
A shortened form of "hell yes"
"Wanna go to that party tonight?"
"Hells, dawg"
by maanizza January 12, 2004
Vista ridge Academy In Monrovia, CA where they give you prison food and make you sit in class all day
Woody:Hey Lets Go to vista Ridge!!
Adonis:STFU woody!!! for what to eat that county food! hell no!
by The_big_Adonis September 02, 2008