1.The place where all people go because everyones a fucking sinner that deserves to die.
2.The place you go after you sell your soul to satan because you had a worldly desire.
Demon: Welcome to hell. enjoy your hellish time here because you had to have something. now live a hellish time.
Out of nowhere: "Baby, baby, baby, oh!"
by Justin Bieber Hater that lives February 28, 2011
(Underworld) (Burning) (Flames) (Heat) (Hot) (Fire) (Devil) (Evil) (Bad)
Hell is a place with flames fire and all sorts of shit like the Devil, evil, and you only go there if you don't believe in God.
by ShaneDawson4Ever August 19, 2010
A large movie theater that shows Katt Williams 24/7. They only serve 7-Up and ice cream flavored Skittles.
Guy 1: I'm going to Hell.
Guy 2: Oh, that sucks, bro.
by hndrx August 08, 2009
A hot place where yo go for all eternity if you do bad stuff...o yea there is a red dude that lives there and hes on fire...
the red man(satan) live in Hell...
by Darknightoftheabyss April 13, 2009
Where bad Christians go to experience a horrifyingly unbearable demon orgy party.
Guy: You're going to go to Hell.

by ¥0_M@MA June 03, 2015
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