Mr. Cusacks Year 10 Science Class.
Dude 1: Hey man what subject you got next?
Dude 2: Oh, they got me stuck in hell for the next hour.
Dude 1: Bummer, i dont like science either.
by G-re-G February 26, 2007
burnigng fiery furnace
go to hell dammit or ill kick u down there shit wipe
by somkey ugathanki August 08, 2005
a contrived scheme about a terrible place used to scare people into believing in a god that does not exist.
hell is a lie, heaven is a lie, god is a lie.
by Magik red anus January 14, 2004
where everyone goes after they die
John says im going to hell. Jack says, you sure are.
by jom313do April 11, 2008
the place where you go if your a lawyer, contracter, george bush, a politician, george bush, george bush, or a politician.
O schnap!!! Im george dubua bush! Im goin to hell!
by the one whos not you November 13, 2006
Where we are dining tonight.

Ready your breakfasts and eat hearty; for tonight, WE DINE IN HELL!!
by Harrier March 16, 2007
1. A slang word to express just how great something is.

2. A fiction place "evil" souls are suppose to end up when they die.

3. Combining hell with other words can create an expression of how bad something is

4. The best illusion ever created.
1. "that roller coaster ride was hell!!"

2. hitler was suppose to go there when he died

3. "our school is a hellhole"

4. Just think about it: if that illusion of a firey death didn't exist, you'd have kids running around killing everyone they see like it was a video game
by Kai Vorail January 09, 2007
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