1. A slang word to express just how great something is.

2. A fiction place "evil" souls are suppose to end up when they die.

3. Combining hell with other words can create an expression of how bad something is

4. The best illusion ever created.
1. "that roller coaster ride was hell!!"

2. hitler was suppose to go there when he died

3. "our school is a hellhole"

4. Just think about it: if that illusion of a firey death didn't exist, you'd have kids running around killing everyone they see like it was a video game
by Kai Vorail January 09, 2007
1. A famous gated retirement resort community for Republican politicians and televangists.
2. A city garbage dump and potters field for poor corpses, dead animals, and crucified persons without the means for any other type of burial located outside the walled city of Jerusalem during Hellenistic times. Known also as "Gehenna" it was the place "where the fires never go out, and the worm never dies." It was allegedly located on the site where centuries earlier lapsed Isrealites had once erected an ingenious idol to a Canaanite man-bull god named Moloch and sacrificed babies to it. The idol reportedly was rigged so that when a baby was placed upon its outstretched arms, the priest or "magician" would then trip a hidden lever, and to the awe of the dumbfounded audience the child would be flipped up through the bull's open mouth and down into to a sulfurous firepit built into the interior humanoid body of the statute.
If you have to ask the price of admission to Hell, you can't afford to go.
by A. Hick July 23, 2006
Not A Bad Place To Be!
AC/DC: If this is hell.....it's not a bad place to be!
by Stan Lightsaber May 02, 2006
San Diego High School
Why do I have to wake up at 7AM to go to hell?
by Angsty teen December 20, 2005
Windows + AOL + PC
heaven is Linux + Comcast + box
Windows is hell! AOL is hell! a PC is fucking HELL!!!!!
by foodo June 07, 2005
According to "The Dictionary of the Mindless":

contrary to popular belief, hell is not a place, but a state of mind. whether you think you're going there or not is what determines whether or not you go there. You will be forever tortured by "demons" in which you have created with your own imagination. once this state of mentality is reached, there is no escape... unless you know the truth, which, now you do.
when you die, you go to hell, right?


who knows..
by HARLEQUIN January 20, 2005
A place that was firmly believed until the 18th century.

Contains the devil and an assortium of other lovely critters that are easy to translate to 32bit images on computer games.
I died and went to hell.

I died in hell after meeting that b****** diablo.
by D.iode May 31, 2003

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