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The best school in San Diego. Very diverse and prepares you for the real world unlike those shit schools like La Jolla. It can be ghetto, but if you go to I.S (International Studies), you're probably white or Asian. If you go to SDHS, you should be happy because no one there puts you down because of your race. The teachers are super chill but the cafeteria food is shit (but free!!! :D), so bring your own lunch if you can. Everyone acts like family and we love our basketball teams!!!
Abbreviated: SDHS
Colors: Blue and White
Mascot: Caver
White Person: Where do you go to school?

White Person: Oh no! I heard it's really ghetto there! Do people get shot all the time?
SDHS Kid: Fuck you! San Diego High School is ten times better than any school in San Diego and it's NOT ghetto!!!

San Diego High School Chant:
by highschoolallday January 17, 2011

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