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(1)The place where nasty people go when they die.
(2)A place where you curse someone to.
(1)Yep, he's goin to hell.
(2)Damn you to HELL!
by a pseudonym June 15, 2004
Tight ass song by Pharoahe Monch, off Internal Affairs.
"This is HELL!" "This is HELL!" "This IS Hell!"
by oldschool February 17, 2004
See life. Do I need to say anything else?
*Sigh* Do you really need an example on what hell is? Look around you.
by Addie777 November 08, 2006
Used as a form of strong affection or display. Used in Anger, Happiness, And other emotions.
1. Whoa, dude, that was creepy As hell!

2. Are you asking me what's her problem? The hell if i know.

3. That show is dumb As hell.

4. Hell, It doesn't even look like it works.
by Delay101 June 29, 2009
Dick Cheney's undisclosed location.
Condoleeza: Hey Dubya, do you have any idea where Dick went?

Dubya: Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's in hell.
by Zakathar June 08, 2009
A mythical place used as a futile attempt to give people morals and scare them into acting good.
If you believe that Hell exists, then you must believe that God is a cruel, merciless, prick.
by gothkid207 May 04, 2008
hell is a place where satan has many horrible punishments for people... murders getting murderd... polititions getting lied to... farmers getting there ass forked...
yeah and its things like this which meen you are looking up at us whilst ur BURNING IN HELL
by chris baker August 25, 2005