hell is a place where satan has many horrible punishments for people... murders getting murderd... polititions getting lied to... farmers getting there ass forked...
yeah and its things like this which meen you are looking up at us whilst ur BURNING IN HELL
by chris baker August 25, 2005
The feeling between guilt and pride when you've done something wrong, the feeling your mind brings upon you in punishment of intentional wrongdoings, the feeling that consumes all life, and the -!temporary!- feeling that will teach us in the afterlife.

"God"'s constructive criticism.

See also Westboro Baptist Church.
Life is like a standardized test. The grade is only for self reference.
by Zawzs December 22, 2004
if you really want to scare your kids into believing in God go to google and type "Azzacove Hell".

I believed this for a while, then i found the facts.
Listen to the audio, it sounds like little kids in a nursery when you play it fast.
by Biafra J July 30, 2004
a made up place made by catholics and christians to keep you one to keep you afraid so they can feed off your mind and take your money

described as satans empire a bunch of fire and demons toturing you for an entrenity

there is no mention of it in the bible which was written by men not god its just a book written by man used to control and command

it is also known as school but thats diffrent from what im talking about
dont buy into that catholic and christian bullshit hell is just a lying scheme to make you braindead the way your leaders want you to be
by truthrevealer1995 February 19, 2012
Working for Walmart.
Anyone who works at Walmart knows what it's like to work for Satan himself in hell.
by bbanks February 01, 2012
often referred to 'the darkside'
come to the darkside, we have cookies.
resist temptation. hell is bad.
by jazz-marie March 24, 2009
The place where fire consumes the soulless. Oh, and If you were a little better than other evil people, you get to dress in a super hot leather outfit and torture those people who have attempted in making your life miserable. i.e. supid ex girlfriends who can't fucking get over it!!!!
Me: You ****! You made my life miserable! You will spend eternity in hell where I torture thee!!!! *whiip*
Her: Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Kristen, your outfit is hot!
Me: Shut up! And I know!
by ktotheristen September 05, 2008

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