a place religious nutters make up to stop their kids from fucking their fellow students.
"Go to Hell!"
"That ain't real you tosser!"
by shewhomustnotbenamed...ever! November 28, 2009
A small town in Michigan
My friend sent me a greeting card saying; "I'm in hell,wish you were here!"
by Aiyake May 07, 2006
erg (rowing machine)
We're going to hell. Translation: Coach told us to get on the ergs for a workout.
by mmmm December 14, 2004
the underworld ruled by satan (Hades)
go to hell (underworld) lol
by Wangsta January 28, 2003
1. To mean something cool, sick, good or excellent.
2. Also to mean 'really' or 'very' before another word.
1. "That was a pretty hell party we went to."
2."Ahhh, hellzzz no!"
"I felt hell tired when I left."
"The music was hell good."
by Diego August 18, 2003
Supposed center of the Earth in Christian belief; outer plane of Lawful Evil. Nine layers, one for the gate, seven for each of the deadly sins, and a ninth where Cocytus is located. Lair of Lucifer(see wuss).
I'm going o go to Hell and kick Satan's(see wimp) aSS>
by Naes April 02, 2003
Supposubly a fiery pit of darkness and doom in the center of the earth run by a little red guy with horns and black hair and big eyes and a little tail with an authentic navajo indian arrowhead hot glued onto the end. his name is satan or the devil. he carries a little pitch fork kinda like the ones you get stabbed through a cherry in your smoothie. anyway, hell is a pit of miserable hell were you have to play an endless game of monopoly with hitler and osama bin ladin. satan is short and to the point...ha ha get it.
Jill: Go To Hell!!!
Jack:kk, see ya
Satan: Hello, welcome to hell, my name is satan, and ur in hell
Jack: No Shit Dude!
by Craig is cool January 14, 2008

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