A woman who is extremely beautiful and alluring, yet also has a very dark and sometimes slightly sadistic side.

Is also often into bondage amoung other things.
person1 "oh my, shes fucking hot and evil, and into bondage!"

person2 "she's a Hells"
by Stephy Bunny January 06, 2007
drowning in a vat of coors light or some other terrible type of beer
"hell is a place where some college freshmen end up"
by A-rizzle May 28, 2007
The small state on the north east coast of the United States commonly refered to as New Jersey.
I had to drive through Hell yesterday.
The place where fags that sell various online gaming items such as: anis,runes and other items will end up.
Simon will goto hell because he sells d2 items.

Quote from jake.
"Enjoy hell Simon, you dirty whore."
by Jakeispro February 01, 2007
a place were get ripped apart for all eternity. where the devil lives
go to hell mother f*&^er
by bob March 10, 2005
1. the place most people go when they die.
2. hell michigan, a actaul place.
1. ur gunna die and go to hell and be ruled my satan!!
2. ur moving to hell!! isnt it cold in michigan tho?
by drew rowe October 17, 2004
In religious context: A fictitious place so that the organizers of said religion have a shittier world to compare the real one to.

In colloquial terms: Work or doing whatever you do not want to do.
Religious: If you do not go to church every Sunday you are a bad person and will go to hell.

Colloquial: People are hell.
by alganja June 15, 2010

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