desperate or thirsty

This word was created in reference to the character Helga Pataki in the (1996) Nickelodeon cartoon "Hey! Arnold" who is madly in love with the main character Arnold. Arnold is oblivious to Helga's love despite her constant admiration for him.
Girl 1: "Oh my gosh, Jerry keeps trying to wife me up and I already told him I'm not into him like that!"
Person 2: "Wow, that nigga's helga."
#helga #thirsy #desperate #swag #parched
by vtygng August 21, 2013
A "Becky" is a blowjob, a "Helga" is a handjob.
Dude i went on a date with this girl and i got a Helga in the movie theater, It was the best Helga i have ever gotten before.
#handjob #becky #blowjob #penis #hand
by Boogieman Gemma July 29, 2010
Mr. Henry's senior prom date was so ugly, she was the definition.
Yo momma is so helga!

Oh man, your senior prom date is just butt helga!
#narwhals #team pride #mr. henry's 2nd hour class #ugly #pretty #attractive
by EvilTwinKatie2 December 06, 2010
Rumor has it that a guy woke up after a college party (in Germany) to find that his girlfriend had left him for another man. And in his stupor, he wandered around the campus calling "Helga?!" Slang in Germany for an "easy" female. Often times over heard toward the end of parties or as the evening winds down. Single males may exclaim "Helga?" trying to get some action before the night is through... this IS a last ditch effort.
in a crowd... "HELGA?!"
#helga #easy #german tart #floozy #promiscuous woman
by gnukner September 25, 2007
An obnoxious laugh. Often done by an obnoxious person. Often done by people named steph.
Steph: hahahahahaha
--quitely so steph doesn't hear
Laura: OMG. I'm going to lose it.
Meaghan: Could she just stop helgaing for like two freaking minutes?
Laura: I don't know, but if she helgas one more time, im going to knock her out.
#laugh #obnoxious #crazy #annoying #stop
by lawgirl July 17, 2008
The second ugliest girl's name ever, next to Olga.
Person A: You know that girl you really like? What's her name?
Person B: Helga
Person A: She's ugly, isn't she?
Person B: How do you know? You've never seen her before
Person A: Because her name is Helga.
#ugly #slut #girl #name #olga
by Lordsamiam May 07, 2007
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