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A sad and transparent buzzword created by a marketing company that has lost all touch with the society it lives in. The helfie was designed to artifically create a caring image for a party trying to demolish a country's social security in favor of its corporate overlords. Presumably they created this campaign with the sole intent to be mocked, because it's getting harder to pretend to be the underdog when you're the biggest party.

With the helfie they want to warm people up to they idea of: Do it yourself, because the government sure isn't going to bother anymore.
Na de boks met de bokshandschoen, de klets met de vlakke hand #helfie effect is hetzelfde. Afbraakbeleid.
by Plustelix April 21, 2015
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Occurs when an individual attempts to take a picture of themselves (commonly known as a "selfie") to show what a fucked-up, hellish day and/or life they are having.
"Come on down, Dad! Hurry! 'Dancing with the Stars' has just started!"
"Be right down, Princess! I'm taking a helfie!"

"Honey, can you clean up the baby's vomit? I'm doing my nails."
"Sure thing, dear! Right after I shoot a helfie!"
by Gurgling Snurg November 18, 2014
Occurs when an individual attempts to take a picture of themself (commonly know as a "selfie") whilst the camera is held at a height that is almost vertically above the individual.

"A selfie with height"
She must've taken a helfie to be able to capture her full body in the picture!
by Didza June 20, 2014

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