When a fine young lady climbs on top of a guy's face while he is laying down (face up, of course), straddles him and rides him like bucking bronco as he eats her pussy. he is blinded by her tummy and/or her tits as she leans over him, deaf as her thighs grip his head tightly (over his ears) and dumb since he can't talk with her wet pussy in his mouth. The act is complete when she cums in his mouth...a good slap across the face as she climbs off can also be added for good measure.
He was acting up, getting all bossy...so I Helen Keller'd him and showed him who the fuck is in charge.
by Diamond Pony February 03, 2012
Top Definition
One who unnecessarily wears sunglasses indoors, unlike Helen Keller, who actually had a good excuse.
Eddie is such a Helen Keller when he wears those sunglasses in class.
by my white tees January 30, 2006
The highest grade of marijuana. The kind that leaves you feeling as useful as Helen Keller herself.
yo man, did you pick up that helen? ya bro this shit is def helen keller.
by dvdjms November 24, 2010
Only once one has had sex with three individual women (each either being blind, deaf, or mute) has he completed the 'Helen Keller'
I had sex with a deaf girl years ago, then a another girl who was mute... If I sleep with a blind girl ill complete the Helen Keller.
by Coperfield December 07, 2010
Other then these stupid definitions here whatever they mean, Helen Kellen was a woman who was blind and deaf since she was nineteen months of age which could have started by some kind of Scarlett fever. Annie Sullivan was the teacher to brake through her isolation, like in the movie the miracle worker which is based on her true story. She campaigned for woman's suffrage,workers' rights, and socialism. Was born June 27 1880 and lived to June 1st 1986.

Helen Keller was a great historical person and she was really blind and deaf and achieved a lot through out her life.
by browngirlsdonttakebs January 22, 2009
When you ignore someone, in the sense of pretending to neither see nor hear this person, as if you were blind and deaf, referenced from Cazwell
"I Helen Kellered this dude, he's obnoxious."
by 303MTB April 16, 2014
I don't see you I don't hear you you're dead to me! I Helen Kellered your ass!
Did you talk to your ex lately? Hell no! I did a Helen Keller on his ass!
by Alotta Nerve March 13, 2014
When you're getting head from a chick and right before you bust, you box her ears and when she pulls away you nut in her eyes.
That bitch was takin so long, she might as well have been handicapped so I gave her a Helen Keller and peaced out!

She wanted to experiment in the bed room so I surprised her and gave her a Helen Keller. She wasn't too stoked.
by Freakin' Fantastic April 18, 2010

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