a sloppy beer pong rack.
grimace and steve playing pong in kristin's basement and the cups were set up all over the table randomly, as if Helen Keller set them up.
by NFrostie March 25, 2009
A sexual position, involving a minimum of 5 people (4 of which are men), where each man chooses an eye or ear. Then they ejaculate in each eye and ear, causing the semen recipient be deaf, blind, "dumb", and covered in semen. Just like Helen Keller.
My mom is in town. Round up the bros! We're gonna Helen Keller this bitch!
by inthePoopShoot November 15, 2008
During the act of fellatio, the male receiving oral sex, without warning, rams his penis into the back of the throat of the giving person just before ejaculation, thus rendering the person speechless. He then pulls his penis out of the person's mouth and ejaculates in their eyes, rendering them blind. Immediately after, while the element of surprise still has the person confused, he boxes their ears, rendering them deaf. At this point, the only thing the person can do is stumble blindly about with their arms in front of them, gurgling unintelligibly, much like Helen Keller.
You'd be a real miracle worker if you can give my sister, Beatrice, the Helen Keller.
by OldDog June 09, 2007
When a man busts a load in a girl's ears, and eye sockets, and then forcefully shoves his penis down her throat.
Man #1 : What's wrong with Lauren today?
Man #2 : I made that bitch deaf, dumb, and blind last night when I gave her the Helen Keller!
by Devinetrey January 19, 2009
When a girl is passed out, she might as well be deaf and blind, and then you masturbate on her.
MBC was passed out on her bed from a long day of drinking and big luv came into the room and gave her the helen keller!!
by Big Luv and Happy March 02, 2008
1-A yummy peice of ass I totally want to tap.
2-A blind, deaf, and mute.
3-The root of almost every blind or deaf joke.
4-Creates hilarious jokes.
5-An insult.
6-Pretty much my life.
1-Need I say more
2-Need I say more
3-Helen Keller went to town riding on a pony, stuck a feather in her hat and called it "deerrrduhhh"
4-See above, or google Helen Keller jokes fucking epic shit right there.
5-See above.
6-Need I say more.
by i got this February 16, 2008
When you have sex with a woman wearing a condom and fake your ejaculation. After she has went to sleep you cum in her eyes and ears so she is blind and deaf when she awakens. For added effect you could shove your cock in her mouth thus making it difficult to speak but the results could leave you resembling John Bobbitt.
I fucke dmary in the ass last nite but i couldnt cum. So I faked it and waited til she fell asleep and gave her a Helen Keller.
by The Sultan of Snatch April 10, 2007
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