yet another word for marijuana.

came from me and my friend not wanting to pronounce words as they actually are, the GR sound is too much for stoners, i guess...
I need money to get some heen.
by Nice Place, Nigga June 07, 2005
Top Definition
A slang word used to describe Hennessy cognac. Used primarily on the West Coast.
I call hennessy heen and a blunt a bleezy.
by WooWooKid May 23, 2006
another word for peen
bob: man you should have seen her last night she was begging for my heen!

rufus: well did you beat her guts up?

bob: you bet i did
by achin for a shakin March 01, 2011
Situation, Instance, Moment or Item that is awesome.
When we were little we used to sniff the baby sitters underwear, it was pretty Heen!
by Ken Rawley May 17, 2011
An apparently pleasant stranger from whom one slowly discovers one cannot politely disengage; a hanger-on.
Oh my god don't EVER talk to Jake's dad, he's a TOTAL heen.
by Tony1953 November 15, 2006
Slang term for vagina. Short for the term vaheen, the full slang term for vagina.
That bitch has a rank heen.
by TyGuy420 March 03, 2008
A short cut or fast way to say 'Hawaiian'.
Hi heen!!! Long time no see, lets go pick up Kimmy heeeeeeennnn!!
by THE HEENS April 09, 2009
Used to describe one's dissatisfaction with a situation. Missing a shot which costs you a game, losing a key structure, stubbing your toe.
Bill stubbed his toe. 'Heeee-ee-eeen!'

Yeah, the assholes destroyed my command center within like 3 minutes. I was like, 'heen...'
by DrunkenFerre February 20, 2005
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