Slang for poo
Roxy: OMG! There is a hedgehog in my garden!

Jamie: A poop?

Roxy: ... No, the animal
by PixieCat December 30, 2013
Nick-name of the famous male porn star Ron Jeremy. Assume he was given this nick-name because of his chubby appearance, and his oral skills on the late 70's, early 80's poorly groomed, female genitalia, featured in most of the movies he starred in.
I saw Ron Jeremy in a porno today. The Hedge Hog was gettin' it done.
by J to the A December 21, 2011
A man you encourage your daughter to date, wed, or procreate with so you have a hedge fund for your non existent social security. Also known as "Fat F@#$%." Guys that have no other redeeming quality than a paycheck. Also see
"Mr. Collins" from Pride & Prejudice.
I used to be worried about my retirement, until my daughter
found her new hedge hog on e-harmony.

I don't know what I would do without my hedge hog fund... I am so glad I decided to procreate when I was 16, now I can retire at 35.
by floorfly November 29, 2010
a nasty girl that you wouldn't let even your enemy screw! Also known as a hedgie
a fat chic with rotten teeth and tits that sag to her beltline! dirty, Hairy, Stinky and bears children from many different men, this is a HEDGE-HOG!!
by joedud February 26, 2009
A local meaning in Yorkshire for when a female needs to pull her top up.
Me:'Susan, hedgehog baby thats not attractive.'
Susan:'Oppsy, thankyou stunnah'
*pulls top up*
by Ian D May 07, 2012
When somebody's dress is failing down, shout HEDGEHOG and they will understand and pull it up, Bradford slang.
'Ey girl you need to hedgehog!'

Girl 1: 'Omg you hedgehog'

Girl 2: 'Er no, thats you lol'

Girl 1: 'No you need to hedgehog'

Girl 2: 'Least im not a mole, mole head mole head mole head mole head lol!'

Girl 1: 'No urban dictionary it gal!'
by Moleybrad March 10, 2012
When your unattractive friend gets a ridiculously hot girl. Usually a high maintenance bitch, but makes up for it in looks. did shane get that hedgehog?
by TRay$hawnn October 08, 2012

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