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a place people get darned to who don't believe in gosh
What the heck?! ; After I murdered the man it became obvious I would be going to heck.
by delusionaldragon December 21, 2010
97 55
Where you go to if you don't believe in Gosh.
by Lover Boy September 15, 2003
2133 353
A fusion of the words hell and fuck. It is used by saying "What the heck!" as a stand-in for hell or fuck but is really worse than saying "What the hell!" or "What the fuck!" You are really saying "What the hellfuck!"
Tom: "What the heck did you do with my condoms! I am trying to get laid!"

Mark: "It is pronounced 'hellfuck'."
by wetdickallnight May 28, 2009
765 339
A lighter version of Satan's domain, hell, where temperature is kept t-shirt-and-shorts high, ruled by Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light.
I gave my son a yoghurt that had expired yesterday...I'll go straight to Heck.
by Journas October 19, 2003
469 239
A non offensive replacement for the word "hell" used to express amazement at some unlikely act or strange object.
"What the heck is he doing?"
"What the heck is that thing?"
by anonymous August 24, 2003
380 183
Hell, guys. It's just hell.
Heck. Don't you think God knows you meant hell?
by sukebe November 18, 2006
184 110
pussy way of saying hell

the way your mommy and your teacher make you say hell
scotty- what the hell!
scotty- FUCK YOU!
mom- *slap*
scotty- *crying*
by Fenni July 23, 2006
163 135