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8 definitions by wetdickallnight

A fusion of the words hell and fuck. It is used by saying "What the heck!" as a stand-in for hell or fuck but is really worse than saying "What the hell!" or "What the fuck!" You are really saying "What the hellfuck!"
Tom: "What the heck did you do with my condoms! I am trying to get laid!"

Mark: "It is pronounced 'hellfuck'."
by wetdickallnight May 28, 2009
someone who bites on the end of a dick and calls it a blowjob
i got the worst blowjob last night from some dick nibber
by wetdickallnight April 17, 2009
Someone who over uses Urban Dictionary to find out everything.
Larry: Jim, your a kike

Jim: Ah. So I am the derogatory term for a Jew

Larry: ...And you're an Urban Dick Head
by wetdickallnight September 12, 2009
Ann old bike brand, great when accompanied with black mags, that was bought out by GT.
Pedal down the foot hills
Wheelies on the front
P-p-pedal down the foot hills
Wheelies on the front
I'm on the dyno with the black mags
Black mags,
Dyno with the black mags, black mags
Black mags...
by wetdickallnight August 07, 2009
a sexy gang with snowboarders, bmxers, chillers, and other hot people

Christ Blow Job

Cock Block Jesus
yo im hangin with mt crew cbj later.
by wetdickallnight August 11, 2009
a hardcore stoner or drug addict that sits in his or her basement for weeks in the dark without showering or cleaning themselves in any way.
Tim: is Bill comin out today?

John: no hes just gonna sit in his basement hittin the bowl and smokin crack

Tim: what a dirty caveman
by wetdickallnight October 03, 2011
When you and one of your bros get 2 ladies and get blow jobs in such a position that you can play patty cake with your bro.
"yo me and Jamie got awesome bro jobs from Jenny and Danielle but we stopped early cuz Jamie cums so fast
by wetdickallnight October 28, 2009