super-Jew being talked about in a sexual manner
That Heb girl who sits next to me in Tax class has been hitting on me all semester.
by kikeboy February 04, 2003
a form of playful sexual harassment in which one swiftly cups another's breast and jiggles it
Charlie, did you just heb me?
by Pauline February 27, 2005
Basically, HEB stands for a Hot Emo Boy.
These specimens are usually found in churches or hanging outside HMV and Waterstones.
Their brother species is SHC, or Semi Hot Chavs. They don't get along, mainly due to the inferiority complex SHCs suffer.
Unfortunately, HEBs are usually unattainable, due to THD (the holy dad) who is just plain scary.
HEBs are like video games, or wild animals. You have to work through their levels carefully before you pounce and trap them in a loving relationship.
Like Shrek, they have layers and are very sensitive souls. So, don't scare them away by being too clingy. Save that for later.
Good luck, and happy trapping!
Dorita: I saw a really cool HEB today, but THD kept getting in my way.

Dennis: Yeah, same thing happened to me, but I managed to distract him by giving him a rosary and telling him to do 50 hail marys.

Otis:... Cruel.

Dennis: Hey, he seemed happy.
by Dorita May 16, 2008
a place where white trash and broke ass black people shop and single pregnant bitches use wic cuz they have no husband and need food for there fuckin bastards
o my gosh becky look at her i bet she shops at HEB
by Giovanni Mazariegos January 18, 2004

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