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Otherwise known as 'Try Hard Disorder'. When female (and occasionally male) teenagers try to talk and act cool, but in fact it is obvious that they are a complete and utter fake. This acronym was made famous by Asena in her speech about teenagers in a certain private school.
"Omg I'm so cool."

"I swear, that girl has THD."
by MLIA August 22, 2009
33 22
See Toxic Hangover Dump
Man, I am hungover. Cant wait to take my THD and feel better.
by fruit smoothies January 12, 2010
16 11
Take Her Down - you say it when you see a hot broad and well... you know, you want to take her down
DAMN! That's a fine honey! I'd like to THD!!!
by Dr. Barlehmangryman April 26, 2005
8 24