the beautiful actor who will forever be remebered as ennis del mar from brokeback mountain and doing jack twist(jake gyllenhaal) up the butt.
heath ledger died on january 22, 2008 from a drug over dose.

ennis: "you know i ain't queer"
jack: "me neither"

by i <3 jake gyllenhaal January 23, 2008
Because of Heath Ledger's stunning ability to perform, his name has become a phrase that can virtually mean anything. It's like "smurf" and "hella". Use it for flavoring your sentences.
Sam: Can you Heath Ledger pass the roast beef?
Rachel: Here you go.
Sam: Heath Ledger.
Rachel: How does it taste?
Sam: It's Heath Ledger good.
Rachel: Are you going to say Heath Ledger in every sentence from now on?
Sam: You Heath Ledger I am.
by Danny Zeff August 31, 2008
An actor neither dead or alive who didn't earn my respect as an amazing actor until i saw him play the Joker in The Dark Knight, which would count as his greatest performance to date and his last
Mobster: Give me one reason why my boy here shouldn't pull your head off

Joker: How bout a magic trick

(stabs pencil onto table)

Joker: I'm gonna make this pencil disappear

(Mobster attempts to grab Joker but Joker slams the Mobster's face onto the pencil making it disappear)

Joker: TA-DA!


Audience after seeing movie: Why so serious? You want to know how i got these scars? Heath Ledger was so ballin, he could stick a knife in my mouth any day
by Mr. Ballin August 21, 2008
GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORSHIP HIM!!!! HE IS A FUCKIN AMAZING JOKER!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is god and all that defines him. died, and went and kicked god out of heaven and took his rightful place
i built a shrine to heath ledger in my basement!!!

yeah, who cares about who's president...the worlds gonna end now that heath ledgers dead...

for my birthday party, were all going 2 go to the graveyard and steal heath ledger's skeleton!!!!
by hematite2 March 11, 2009
the mostt amazingg actorr in the whole fuckingg worldd;;
mann did youu see the darkk knightt? heath ledger totallyy made thatt moviie amazingg :
he's hott
by tiffanyyashleyy August 17, 2008
to lubricate a partners anus before penetration with ones own saliva spat on fingers applied as such
Jerry gave harry a heath ledger before gently entering him.

hey were out of lube. That's Ok ill take a Heath Ledger.

If it don't fit, don't force it give it a Heath Ledger.

Roethlisberger probably didn't give her a Heath Ledger.
by kottonmouth kid November 14, 2011
A complete Joker.
Would you ever stop clowning around. You're such a Heath Ledger
by Texas Tud February 03, 2011

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