and deserves an oscar nod at the least for the performance he gave
"It's Not About Money...It's About....Sending A Message"

-Heath Ledger
Once sexiest man alive. Now sexiest man dead.
Whenever I see Heath Ledger, it starts getting hot six feet down under.
by The Battery Chicken July 26, 2008
A very talented Australian Actor, Bert Newton noticed him long before he became a big ol Hollywood star.
He's been in many movies such as 10 things I hate about you, The Order, Ned Kelly, Casanova, Brokeback Mountain, The Brothers Grimm and next year will appear as the Joker in The Dark Knight.
He also stared in the australian soap opera Home and Away (which sucks balls)
Heath Ledger is a very talented man.
by X.xBilliex.X September 15, 2007
Highlight of the film "The Dark Knight" as The Joker. He did a perfect job acting as him. It's a tragedy that he passed away.
Heath Ledger did a perfect job acting as The Joker in The Dark Knight.
by Anon35252 August 08, 2008
OMG! He is such the finest. He stars in the Order, and 10 thing I hate about you, and the patriot and the four feathers i think.
He has the biggest smile and beautiful eyes
by Kayla October 18, 2003
One of the best actors of all time. Born on April 4th, passed away on Januaray 22nd 2008 of a drug overdose. He's starred in films such as The Dark Knight, 10 Things I Hate About You, Brokeback Mountain and Candy. Not to mention, he's one of the most handsome Australian actors to ever walk the earth.
Girl 1: Did you hear about Heath Ledger's death?
Girl 2: Yea, that's so sad. He left too soon.
by Miranda Clews December 05, 2008
the most hottest, sexiest, and beautiful man that ever walked this earth!
heath ledger was just amazing in batman knights tale and 10 things i hate about you... i litterally cried on that very tragic day! no joke. i have made many tributes and he is all over my walls.:'(
by SCENEDINASURA August 25, 2008

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