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1. The word bunn was originally used by potheads as a verb to describe hooking up someone with weed.
2. The word bunn was later changed to a plural noun to describe a stash of drugs.
3. The word bunn was eventually altered over time once again and is now used as a wildcard verb / plural noun which can be used to describe just about anything.
1. YOOOO Bunn me five G's guy!
3. OMG Homie what are you saying? I just bunned a mad percy stack. Did you here about Jamal? He got bunnnnnned by da 5-0 las night. He got mashed haaaaaaarrrdd.
3.Translation: Hey man what is happening? I just smoked a personal collection of marijuana. Did you hear about Jamal? He got arrested by the police last night. He got it hard.
by LONGPOKE July 10, 2008
The result of installing the Windows Vista "Operating System" onto a partition. Once you realize how horrible Vista is, you will want to uninstall it and switch back to XP or a UNIX distro. But you will not be able to do this, as your hard drive will have Vistaids. You will have to download Vistaids cure tools to remove the aids.
"OMFG I can't install Windows XP because my hard drive has Vistaids!
by LONGPOKE May 27, 2008
The result of running ANY Java application or a website with a java applet on it. Your computer will run very slow and possible run out of virtual memory.

The only reason Java can survive is because it is multi platform. Aside from that it is a terrible language and should never be used in a professional industry.
"FFS I loaded JRE and JDK just to crack a Coldfusion hash and now my VM wont boot. Fucking Javaids"
by Longpoke August 05, 2008
The result of committing repeated faggotry. Even if you have never had gaysex, you will still get Buttaids from the act of faggotry.

A breakthrough in recent research has also proven that it is possible to get the Buttaids from using Vista and Java, which also give the risk of contracting Javaids and Vistaids.

If you contract all three of the said diseases, you will become a Ubuntard.

Buttaids is a serious disease, and cannot be cured. Once you have it, it becomes a part of you forever.
"I has teh Buttaids!"
by Longpoke August 05, 2008
A famous actor whose death was recently celebrated and is now a national holiday.
"Omg! It's Heath Ledger, day. I can't wait to burn copies of Brokeback Mountain. Batman wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for him. I'm so happy he died."
by Longpoke August 02, 2008
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