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(verb) to make a tasteless joke at another's expense
(after making a joke about a bald friend)
"Oh man, she totally heathed you!"
by Chri Chri January 28, 2008
63 110
Heath is a name for a guy with brown hair, pretty eyes, sometimes wears glasses, gorgeous smile and has a very nice penis with excellent sexual powers.
Oh wow, I never thought I'd see a dick as hot as Heath's.
by titsrnicer February 03, 2010
775 179
Heath is a name for a Cowboy, and a particularly handsome one at that; a redneck and proud to be one, especially driving through mud holes in his green Z (aka, "The Green Monster").
I miss my handsome Cowboy, I miss my Heath.
by HeathsSweetheart January 12, 2012
84 72
A name with a history of homosexuals in the family tree; being gay in general, see Joe Heath for more.
Wow, that Joe Heath kid is really gay!
by MrStealYourWanggggg January 24, 2014
5 11
Heath is a shortened name for Heather. Only a girl who is liked by all the "bros" can be called Heath. This name gives anyone named Heather a more likeable attitude, vibe and charisma. The name makes the "Heather" more approachable. Since Heath is a man's name calling a woman "Heath" makes her seem fun and confident.
Michael: "Yo isn't that Heather?"

Katie: "No man, we call her Heath!"
by kellyarnoldmyers June 01, 2011
59 72
A type of Klondike Ice-cream bar. Or your best friend who is blonde and random and can make you laugh.
Your such a heath.
by Bina93 December 28, 2009
97 124
n. A person who acurately predicts or is aware of new fashion trends before they become popular. The term most likely refers to fashion icon Heather Jeffreys.
adj. Used to describe a fashion trend that has not yet become mainstream.
adj. see hip(outdated usage).
"That one girl was wearing Uggs before Uggs were in. She is so Heath."
by M. Payne January 13, 2008
61 112