When masturbating, you ejaculate with so much force that you hit your face.
Ryan: "dude i got a headshot last night."

Seth: "really? nice! on call of duty? with what a pistol? and who'd you hit?

Ryan: "Naw man. it was with my dick. and i hit myself."
by ooglytoop7272 October 20, 2010
What the person who shot Osama Bin Laden Yelled after shooting him.
Person 1: Ow, stop shooting me with that that elastic band.
Person 2: Headshot!
by Me, You, and I December 31, 2011
the act of receiving oral sex while playing a first person shooter
Mad Max- "dude rabbit, i was playing cod m dubs 2 last night when my girl came over. i didnt want to tell you while we were playing domination but i got a HEAD SHOT!"
Rabbit- "AHHH no way!!! how was it?"
Mad Max- " to quote hannah montanna it was the "best of both worlds" mate"
by Twilly47 November 27, 2009
In video gaming, "headshot" is literally used to describe a type of shot that attacks the head, using instantly killing or severely maiming the target.

Historically, a headshot is hard to achieve and, when used in mass, the sign of a master of the game.
Guy: Dude, did you just see that mac-10 headshot?

Guy: Oh yeah, AWP headshot...like taking candy from a baby.
by betterthangoogle December 01, 2003
Headshot the act of getting head and as soon as your about to blow your load u pull her head down and blow your load
Dude last night Angie was give me head and i was about to cul so I pulled her head down and blew my load. I got up and yelled boom headshot
by Arclive May 19, 2014
When an object hits the head and brain splatters everywhere
Boom... HEADSHOT!!!
by my name is anonimous February 06, 2009
when you blow a load all over a chiks head
"Headshot "
guy-that fell soooooo good

girl-you just gave me a "Headshot"
by issy bizzy fizzy March 20, 2009

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