1. The end of your mom's last movie.

2. Taking a players head off with a weapon on games such as Unreal and GTA.
You killed Loque with a sniper riffle. A voice says "HEAD SHOT!!!"
by Brandyn September 03, 2003
Receiving oral while playing Halo
My girlfriend gave me a head shot and then she master queefed, so i pummled her with my energy sword.
by LOLOFOSHO April 06, 2011
When you play Nazi Zombies, this is what you yell when you shoot a zombie's head off.
Desiree: "HEADSHOT!"

Claire: "Good aim!"
by inkflower July 13, 2010
Getting head while playing COD MW2. The new Blumpkin, except much more exhilarating!
That dude got a nice headshot at the gamers' tourney after he became the COD MW2 champ.
by AussBoss February 16, 2010
Shooting someone in the head of their penis
shotting some's penis head - head-shot
by b1gd1ckm0n October 25, 2009
A situation where there has been and incredible chance utilized to its full potential. An incredible win to which a target relates.
"So what happened at the game last night?"
"I threw it like 60 yards and.... headshot. we win it in overtime"
by Wakkaa December 03, 2009
Explosive Diarrhea that hits the wall of the toilet bowl and sticks, like when brains and blood get shot out of the head and tick to a regular wall.
After eating tons of chili last night, I had to take an urgent dump. It looked like a head shot in the bowl.
by Chips July 17, 2008

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