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HeXeN /// is a great comedy starring Sharlto Copley as Daedolon, Cassandra Lynn as Marlene, and Gary Coleman as Gary. In it, Daedolon, some Duke Nukem type guy, goes postal on Johannesburg, with the help of his Uncle Brad (Brad Pitt), Marlene, and Gary. Neill Blomkamp, the coolest guy in Souf Afrika, shoots John Carmack in the balls. Daedolon and Marlene then go postal, then at the end, they hear that South Africa has blamed the shootings on India and the US, and will destroy them with nukular force. The US, in retaliation, has sent missiles out to Afrika, which are expected to hit in 2 minutes.
I just saw HeXeN ///: The Movie today. It was fokken lekker!
by DagothUrDoomGuy January 24, 2010
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