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a euphemism for an alcohol drink
I drank a few too many copley's the other night and now my head hurts.
by Collin Mickey October 16, 2007
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A synonym for mistake or boot.
"Man, you really copley'd that shit up"

"That guy who just hit the fleet is such a Copley"
by LiquidNitrogen8 February 13, 2012
One of the biggest, most well known people in Ocala. He's huge and noticed everywhere except parties. Though when he does appear at parties he parties hard.
by 186253 March 22, 2012
A complete retard at call of duty
Dude, you're such a copley!
by Shay_133 May 28, 2012
A person who seems to make a habit of contracting STI's.
Matty "Dude I got with Milly yesterday"

Darren "Man you're such a copley"
by itchybatwing May 20, 2009

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