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A Japanese first name, usually for a girl. "Ha" means leaf, and "zuki" means moon. "Tsuki" is the original word for moon, but in this case it becomes "zuki" since it is combined with another word. The word "Hazuki" was used hundreds of years ago, and it meant August. Now, it is used as a name. A girl is usually named Hazuki if she was born in August.
"Hey, what's your name?"
"Hazuki. It means August in Japanese."
"Wow that's a sweet name!"
by Kitty Kat Paws May 17, 2013
The coolest Japanese name. Means, a wet leaf shining in the moonlight.
Q: Hey Brendon! What is the coolest Japanese name?
A: That would be Hazuki. Not only a cool name but it's my best friend's name.
by bi-brendon October 01, 2011
surname of the main character in shenmue
ryu hazuki
by it dosent matter what my name is. November 18, 2003
to do something retarded; having a habbit of making up words, not speaking properly, and wanting to be in journalism.
That texas indian girl pulled a hazuki.
by dinosaur March 18, 2005