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means 'moon' in Japanese.
If you were in Japan right now, you'd hopefully say tsuki instead of moon.
by Nami Tsuki April 04, 2006
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meaning "moon" in Japanese. A good nickname for a woderful girl. Drop dead gorgeous girl. She is very respectful, beautiful, sweet, somewhat sassy girl.
She is respectful and amazing at everything there is. Her eyes are brown, her hair is gorgeously beautiful. I look at her and i do see the moon.
She is a tsuki
by hehe she knows! February 14, 2010
1. 月 - Japanese term for moon, or when referring to the month of the year.

2. 突き - 1) a strong thrust using a tip of an object or something sharp. stab. 2) a move in kendo where one thrusts the bamboo sword at the opponents throat that hurts like hell. Tons of painful clips on Youtube... 3) strong thrust of the male penis during sexual intercourse. Not usually referred to since normal sexual intercourse is indeed a thrust of the male penis (usually); when referred, YOU MEAN IT.
1. konya wa tsuki ga yoku mieru na.
(We can see the moon clearly in the sky tonight)

1) Kare wa hito tsuki de korosareta. (He was killed in one stab)
2) Dude, he's down. That tsuki knocked the wind out of him. That's why fighting beginners are fearful...
3) Tsuki! Tsuki! Tsuki! Tsuki! Tsuki!
by ofuzakemajin92 October 12, 2010
Tsuki, another word for assassian.
"AHHH! A Tsuki!"
by Rikki January 06, 2004

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