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A Haydon is a one of a kind person. They are tall, dark, and handsome. They come off as a bit of a bad boy, but they're really innocently sweet. They also can make people laugh really easily. Haydons are good with their hands, and are usually very mechanically inclined. Haydons are trustworthy, usually people you can share all your secrets and problems with. Haydons are very loving and affectionate. They usually come across as flirtatious, but are just super nice and caring! Haydons have hearts for people and wants to take away all sufferings. He'll make you fall in love with him in an instant. Don't ever let a Haydon go.
Person 1: oh my gosh! My car needs new breaks.

Person 2: take it to Haydon. He'll fix it!

Girl 1: that Haydon guy is incredible!
Girl 2: I know! He's hot, funny AND sweet. Go for it!
by Lainabelle November 09, 2013
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