Hott asian women/woman related to HAMs also love it when you smack that. They are usually clinging to their HAMs or looking at others with an eye out to rubbidubb dubb? They are sexy in many ways.
DAMN!!! That HAW wouldnt keep her sexii hands off my HAMs!!
by krazychichi June 20, 2007
"Haw" appeared in an episode of Lexx as a means of communication to the bridge crew from an alien intruder. It has been since co-opted in Kelowna, British Columbia by Bill and Philly whenever they sarcastically or otherwise affirm the absurd or painfully obvious. Deriviative of hot.
"I think I'll have a third kid"

by Pehlte February 13, 2005
Weird food you can find in uwajimaya or china town. Sweet, pink to red in color. It is said to be composed of rasberries or berries of some sort. Often bought as "Haw Flakes": hard, little, penny sized "flakes" of it.
Dude lets go be asian and buy some haw flakes!
by Dave March 07, 2005
When a woman is having a orgasim ragardless of nationality she screams "HAW!", sometimes repeatedly. May also be used randomly as an entertaining add in to any sentence. It may also be used to confuse your enemy, especially if you pinch your nipples.
You are at work, and you are feeling bored in a crowded situation, so.. you squeeze your nipples and scream "HAW!" starting at a low tone and increase your tone as you repeat. This is very entertaining.
by William Ruckman January 18, 2004
Haw, an acronym to describe a Honky Ass White-Woman.
You know, when you see a woman in "mom-jeans" shopping at Walmart. You yell at her and say, "You HAW!, go back to your trailer park!"
by William O. June 08, 2007

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