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A haugen (plural: haugens; symbol or abbreviation: Hgn or, sometimes, Haug.) is the name of a unit of measure in a number of different systems.

Its size is defined as 11368.21 units. There are 1,000 haugens in a KiloHaugen. A corresponding unit of currency would be a haugen dollar. A corresponding unit of area is the square haugen and a unit of volume is the cubic-haugen.

The haugen is a common unit of measure of currency in the United States, particularly southern California, for amounts above $10,000 and has been reportedly used in some providences of Canada.

This unit of currency has been created to aid in paying out of company expense reports submitted in a tardy fashion. When the total reimbursed amount reaches or exceeds the $10,000 dollar amount, the total amount will be discussed in haugens or fractions of haugens.

Man, that house was ridiculously expensive. The owner was asking for sixty-eight and a half haugens for it. And it only had 2 bathrooms.
by Timmy L. Eat November 15, 2007
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