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The act of one man thrusting his penis into another man's penis.

Can also be used as 'hatered'.
Andrew: "God man my dick is so sore!"

Jon: "What the fuck?"

Andrew: "Dude some guy Hatered me so hard last night!"

Jon: "Dude, you can't just be hatering all the time or your dick will split in two."
by BigDickMcThunderStick February 19, 2014
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The verb to hate on; whether it be on a person, animal, object, or idea. To be a complete hater. The hater doesn't necessarily hate the person he or she is bashing, rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch.
Cindy was hatering on Tommy all day.
Patrick was hatering on his Xbox because his live account ran out.
Bill: The Gophers suck!
Tom: Stop hatering on Tubby's Team!
by Mr.Sunnshine February 28, 2011

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