staring inappropriatly for a long period of time at the breasts of a woman during conversation.
"Dude, I totally got caught Hastings that chic"
by the hastings August 21, 2008
Top Definition
The best person you will ever meet. Sexy, foxy, hot. The definition of attractive and awesome combine.
Hey who's that girl? The hot one with blonde hair and blue eyes?
Oh that's a Hastings for you.
by TheSmartestPersonAlive May 12, 2013
A small town in Victoria, Australia. Like most towns in Victoria, it is best known for its heavy use of drugs. Most of the action happens in its dangerous neighbourhood "West Park"
Some say it could be the brother of Frankston
lets smoke up in Hastings and get stoned as fuck
by pufftuff December 08, 2013
A bunch of no good sons a' Bitches that are far to lazy.
Keep looking over your shoulder in Hastings, you might not get shot, but definetly stabbed in the back, make no friends in Hastings
by PorkChop100 June 20, 2011
A long street in Vancouver and Burnaby Canada that has many many prostitues and heroine addicts especially on West Hastings. East Hastings is simply a busy street, West hastings is noted for heroine, prostitution, weed, and is one of the few places in Canada that is actually a downright scary place to be.
Guy1 "Hey man I almost ran over a prostitue the other day"
Guy2 "Really, where were you, hastings?"
by Willsssss October 30, 2005
Most beautiful person in the world. Usually given to a girl with ample boobs and a tight vagina. She will be the best to happen to you.
Boy 1: Man i miss my Hasting.
Boy 2: Dude she was good in bed last night.
by Bowman248011739283915360 May 25, 2015
A retail store that drug users, thieves, emo kids little old ladies go to sell stolen stuff, because hastings buys used books, DVDs, and CDs.
GSA : "How's it goin'? Thanks for comin' to hastings!"
Customer : "I got some stuff I want to sell you guys."
GSA : "OK, Lets see what you've got here...Ma'am are you sure that you want to get rid of all 27 copies you own of Tremors 4 and this Britney Spears CD?"
Customer : "Yes, and I need whatever I can get in cash, because" (...this is where said customer explains for 3-5 minutes why they need to sell so many copies of the same item. Why they need the money. The reason they will be in next week with 20 more copies of some other movie that nobody wants to watch.)
by Otherdustin April 14, 2008
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