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A person who can be a real pain in the ass if you try to mess around with him but is a warm and fun-loving person if you truly understand him. Believes in whole-hearted commitment, a little difficult to understand,patience is the key to handle him.
I was busy,will prepare the breakfast in a few minutes. I know you are hungry but you don't need to act Harshit about this.
by Alwaysmile May 11, 2014
A smart, talented and humorous guy, who likes to take charge. Strong opinions but has an open mind. Will insist that he is a piece of hard candy, but if you dig deep enough he's got a soft chewy center. Not a fan of romantic commitments but deeply committed to his fail out and friends. The very best if men, and he likes that about himself...
Who's that awesome multifaceted ? Thats Harshit!
by dreamsoftrespass November 11, 2014
Piece of Pakistani shit, super ugly, when you meet a harsh it you'll know cuz he's a wanker fuck him
Why you so harsh...It harshit
by Dongerlover May 28, 2015

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