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Severe Diarrhea

Excessive and frequent evacuation of watery feces, usually indicating gastrointestinal distress or disorder.

MD- Dude you look freakin' sick.
Johnnay- My fucking stomach hurts dude!
MD- Dude I think you have "Harsh Browns," you better fucking run to the restroom.
Johnnay- I think your right. I better fucking hurry or i'll have "Harsh Brown" stains on my draws!
MD- Fodigity
by mikeo January 24, 2006
30 16
Variation of a harsh burn, an incendiary insult that is goes well with ketchup.
King #3: Fuck you, you white honky nigga!
Norse: Can I have some ketchup?
King #3: Why?
Norse: To put on some of these harsh browns you guys keep serving me.
King #3: Horse browns?
King #2: Fuck you, you the horse, mother fucker!
King #1: Fuckin' horses and shit.
King#3: Fuck you, you white honky nordic nigga bitch!
by not marc m. June 17, 2009
44 3
Negative, critical, or discriminatory comments that come off as harsh put-downs.
Can I have some Ketchup?

For what?

To put on all these harsh browns you keep serving me.
by clarkthe2nd May 22, 2010
34 3
A portmanteau of "harsh" and "hashbrown," meaning insults.
Slave: "Fuck you, you white honky nigger."
Nordic Traveler: "Can I have some ketchup?"
Slave: "Why?"
Nordic Traveler: "To... to put on all these harshbrowns you guys keep serving me."
by snackysmores June 21, 2009
11 3
The colour of jeans worn by only the most unfortunate man.
You should have seen this lad in the club last week... he had on a pair of harsh browns. What a faux pas.
by back2mine April 23, 2011
0 3