a hipster in a boyband that likes to wear women's sweaters, sparkly boots, clip-on earrings, jeans so tight they're basically a new layer of skin, scarves wrapped around his hair like a cute little gypsy, and other various articles of decidedly hipster clothing. walks like the love child of a blind pigeon and a baby giraffe. has the body of a young supermodel, the mind of a five-year-old, and the heart of a quirky elderly man. also is one of the kindest and most ridiculous human beings the world has ever seen. plays scrabble with his mother, gets bullied on twitter by his sister, likes to go bike-riding in the middle of the night to get frozen yoghurt, and has grown to be so incredibly comfortable in his own skin that it almost frightens me how genuine he is. one of the most down-to-earth celebrities you could ever meet. has the smile of an angel but the tattoos of a fifty-year-old man in prison. looks like a top but acts like a bottom. may or may not be an actual human being.
fangirl 1: "what the fuck did harry just tweet?"
fangirl 2: "how am i supposed to know, he's harry styles, nobody ever knows what he's talking about."
by shelleyyyy December 16, 2013
Youngest member of boy band One Direction (although some people mistake him for being older because of his height). Possibly every living and non-living entity is attracted to this Curly- haired green eyed sensation. The answer to why still remains a mystery. He has been portrayed as a "manwhore", and that he "goes after women twice his age" and has been accused of allegedly "banging 410 girls in a year. People have seemed to have forgotten that he's only an 18(almost 19) year old teenager but he already receives criticisms and hate enough to last his lifetime due to false/ridiculous rumours that even an yeti doesn't believe. And don't get me started about the Haylor thing.
Come on, ease up on him people he's just an overly publicized young adult. Harry styles is a person.
by calm_mytits January 27, 2013
A sex god who can't fucking remember where he belongs even though he has a song called "Don't Forget Where You Belong" with Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tonlinson, and Liam Payne ((aka more sex gods)) He thinks he lives in fucking LA when REALL he just belongs in The UK.
Damn Harry Styles needs to leave LA
by An annoyed person in the uk January 24, 2014
The tetra-titted tosser from a group of five idiots known as One Direction. Some call him Harry or Hazza, but I call him my nipple fairy. He is a sex God, your argument is invalid. He holds the holy V. You should also know, he is a granny grabber, so hide yo mums and grans. Pussy Master Styles is out on the prowl. Meow.
Directionator: Harry Styles is not gay! Shut up!
Directioner: Jesus, Harry, you flaming homosexual.
by harrymynipplefairy (tumblr) July 30, 2012
The reason why girls masturbate.
Girl One: Dude. Harry Styles. I fucking can't.
Girl Two: Shit, I have to go to the bathroom.
by lolharreh December 28, 2013
A member of the famous boyband 'One Direction'. He is the "hipster" of the group. He listens to the "Indie" genre of music. I is a very kind-hearted human being. He is often portrayed as the "womanizer" and the "man whore" although that is not the case. He tweets random stuff that confuses people and has an obsession with Instagram and Vine.
@Harry_Styles: Welcome





Me: What

Sister: What

Tumblr: What

Twitter: What


Ladies and Gentlemen, Harry Styles
by Proutyem June 21, 2013
idk some douche that likes to wear fucking fedors while at an award show. Also he quotes beyonce on instagram with a black picture, how charming. ALSO HE FUCKING PRETENDS TO BE A STRAIGHT ASS WHITE BOY BUT WE ALL FUCKING KNOW HE LOVES LOUIS WHILE HE IS WEARING THAT SPARKLY SHIT. ight man im outie
i feel like a harry styles wearing farm clothes.
by riretire May 22, 2014

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