A large, painful pimple underneath the skin. Usually you cannot pop Harriet Tubmans because they are so deep under the skin's surface, and attempting to squeeze these may cause tearing of the eyes, cursing out in pain, and sometimes even crying. Squeezing and pinching Harriet Tubmans usually make the situation worse and takes the zit even longer to disappear and heal. Harriet Tubman is appropriate to use because they are "underground" zits, referring to the historical Underground Railroad system Harriet Tubman is known for.
Oh god, Julie. I have the worst Harriet Tubman on my chin right now. I tried squeezing it but it only made it worse....damn her!
by RoboBabe June 07, 2010
Top Definition
During the act of an UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (see underground railroad), the black woman who is performing the act is known as a Harriet Tubman.
for example of Harriet Tubman, see UNDERGROUND RAILROAD
by Koozy September 15, 2006
An alcoholic drink consisting of equal parts Kahlua, Coconut Rum, Vodka and Coke.
Hey bartender, can I get another round of Harriet Tubmans for my friends?
by otis80085 April 26, 2010
The kind of zit that lays underground on your face and hurts much more than any other kind of pimple.
Ouch, that Harriet Tubman truly looks painful...
by csomers316 January 06, 2011
The act of sliding under a table or obstacle, usually on one's belly or all fours to reach one's goal. Often used in the context of a house rule for Beirut (what you ignorant people call "beer pong"). This rule allows one to dive under the table to retrieve a ball after they have missed a shot, thus getting a behind the back shot before their turn ends.

When used in the context of Beirut it is usually used in conjunction with the 50-yard line rule.

It may also be used to describe an escape from a situation requiring you to go underground (literally or figuratively).
"Did you see Ted? He just Harriet Tubman'd the shit out of that ball"

"House Rules: both people sink a cup = balls back, ..., 50-yard line, no Harriet Tubman..."

"I built an igloo last week with an underground tunnel, just in case I had to Harriet Tubman that shit if we were attacked."
by U.M. Dizzy December 02, 2009
A Harriet Tubman is a spliff that is rolled with weed and that all natural Native American tobacco. It is rolled using two papers that are put together in a "V" formation and then rolled into a cone. A Tubman is usually used for more relaxation purposes then to get high, which comes from the tobacco in it. Usually called a "Harriet" or a "Tubman" rather then both words together. Also Known as a Henry, a Jah, or an Iroquois.
"Max rolled the craziest Harriet Tubman last night and after we smoked it everyone fell asleep."
by McJohnson February 18, 2006
verb; to body-slide quickly under or through an obstacle. Most often used during a full offense game of beirut or beer pong.
You will cover your knees, elbows, wrists, and hips with bruises if you Harriet Tubman the shit out of the kitchen table.
by tgrono December 02, 2009
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