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When your testicles are placed over a woman's eye sockets while she performs fellatio.
During an act of fellatio,the woman lies on her back on a bed, couch, etc. while the man receives oral sex. During this the testicles will cover the woman's eyes. During deep throat penetration the testicles will 'smack' the woman's eyes repeatedly.

Ex: Yo dude I had Jessa laying on her back with her head hanging off the couch and I throat fucked her and gave her the Arabian Goggles.
by Koozy September 15, 2006
This is a sexual act where 2 or more men have sex with a black woman at the same time. Many refer to 2 men having sex with a female at the same time as 'Running a Train,' hence the name since it pertains to the same act with a black female. The black woman who is part of the act can then be refered to thereafter as a 'Harriet Tubman'. (See Hariet Tubman). This act can be performed anywhere.
Billy: Yo last night me and Bobby had an underground railroad with that black girl Marissa.
Ralph: What do you mean?
Billy: We were chillin in my car & she started sucking my dick when Bobbby was fucking her from behind.
Ralph: Totally Awesome!
Billy: Yea, I changed her name in my phone to Harriet Tubman
by Koozy September 15, 2006
During the act of an UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (see underground railroad), the black woman who is performing the act is known as a Harriet Tubman.
for example of Harriet Tubman, see UNDERGROUND RAILROAD
by Koozy September 15, 2006
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