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n. (Chinese) A term used by MIT graduate students in the know to refer to fellow graduate students that are ABC and post-pubescent (but only just).
"That's retHARRded."

"Oh, Harr-bar. You are so young and retHARRded sometimes."

"Harrk who speaks of age!"
by Joe Guitar May 03, 2006
a pirate's most detested programmer, optionally with as many R's for emphasis.
pirate, standing frustrated over a computer: "Harrrrrrrr!!"
by lahata May 22, 2006
cold sea-mist. Generally refering to the winter sea-mists in the North Sea. Northumbrian/Tyneside dialect. No longer in common usage Variants :- Harl, Harn, Hoar, Hoare. Origins Saxon/ Norse.vid., OED. 'A Glossary of North Country Words, in Use: With Their Etymology',John Trotter Brockett,1829.
It's a real thick harr moving up the Tyne.
"Hare or Harr, a mist or thick fog. Probably from Sax. har, hare, hoar." vid.,J.T.Brocket
by Freddie Cooke November 16, 2007
substitution word for "whore".. when someone does something harracious it could be a compliment..
Sparks you are the biggest harr on earth. you just touched Dana's butt..
by harr September 25, 2003

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